About CCRA

We are a diverse family of complementary divisions, created to facilitate commerce between travel professionals, their clients, and industry suppliers. We provide innovative air commission programs, after-hours traveler assistance solutions, and extensive hotel programs. All of these tools are designed to produce additional revenues and client benefits for your GDS agency. CCRA is a multi-faceted organization, free of conflicts - since we are not owned by other TMCs or travel consortia. We like to think we capture the best of everything for our agency customers!

A Brief History

With over 47 years in the travel industry, these are the major milestones that have made CCRA who we are today

A New Breed of Call Center is Born
We pioneered the first 24/7 after hours call center of its kind to assist stranded corporate travelers in emergency situations.
We Introduce CCRA Hotel Rate Codes to the Industry
We launch CCRA hotel rate codes to enable hotel chains and properties to track member agency bookings, allowing agents access to exclusive, discounted rates and revenue opportunities.
CCRA Goes Virtual
CCRA becomes the first after-hours travel call center organization to utilize virtual agents.
The Hotel Portal is Born
CCRA launches the first-ever booking portal for global hotel inventory, especially for our call center customers.
Texas-Based Investors Acquire CCRA
...And completely revolutionize the organization. Under new leadership, CCRA begins to offer enhanced products and services and thrive under Dic Marxen.
The Hotel Portal Re-Launches
CCRA develops a next-generation version, re-launching the first standalone hotel booking platform offering enhanced amenities and revenue opportunities for travel agents.
CCRA Doubles the Size of Their Call Center
CCRA acquires Hickory's after hours call center.
We Go into the Air Business
CCRA launches the Air Partner Network, subsequently developing the CCRA Air program for GDS agencies to earn top-tier commissions.
CCRA Unveils New Website
For the first time, CCRA and all of its products, services and benefits can be found under one roof.
CCRA Launches Elite Pro
CCRA announces the industry's best amenities-driven program for top performing travel agencies.
You Decide You Can't Live Another Day Without Us
After seeing all of the hard work CCRA has put into creating products you can't live without, you decide to join us and experience all of the benefits and increased revenues that we offer to your agency!

Our Value

We like to think we do a pretty good job putting great products, great suppliers and the best agents together so they can thrive. We stay out of the transactions and just stick to the introductions!

Our Brands

It all began with our 24/7 Call Center Services for stranded corporate travelers, then our rate codes and our hotel portal for travel professionals everywhere.

Our Name

25 years ago, CCRA originally stood for Computerized Corporate Rate Association, but like most travel industry organizations, we've easily outgrown that acronym and evolved into something far greater.

Our People

Built by travel professionals from all corners of the industry, we're dedicated, passionate and completely committed to our travel agency and suppliers' successes.

Our Culture

Whether you do business with us now, are thinking about joining or partnering with us, or you just want to know what it's like to work for us, here's a little more about who we are:

We Love What We Do

We’ve built our company on the expertise, passion and perspective that comes from our employees. We all share a great love of travel and customer service, and we believe this shines through in our attitudes and our approach.

We Build for the Future

We always have our eye on what’s ahead. And that means being able to meet customer needs and expectations quickly, and with a level of responsiveness that demonstrates we’re ahead of the market.

We Celebrate Our Failures

No one gets it right every time – so when we stumble, we learn, we adjust and we improve. Every result is an opportunity, and we believe it makes us stronger and smarter as we take on our next challenges.

We Are a Diverse Family

But we’re not just a diverse family of brands – we’re a diverse family of professionals from all corners of the travel industry. We treat each other with respect and value each other’s ideas. That gives us the power of perspective.

We Build Our Brand On Your Trust

There is nothing more important to us than the trust of our customers. Whether we’re servicing your most important asset (your travelers) or protecting your data, we know that we can only grow our brand by protecting yours.

We Don't Make Promises

We make progress. We develop solutions. We believe that words are meaningless without action. So we’ll always come to the table with results – not excuses or promises. We expect to build and keep your trust so we’ll never need them.

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