Dear Valued Partner,

You have likely heard the announced acquisition of CCRA by ABC Global Services, and I would like to take a moment to answer some questions you might have. This decision brings together the industry’s two largest and most comprehensive hotel programs. First and foremost, the combined ABC/CCRA organization will deliver the most diverse, unique and “best in class” products and services to the travel industry.

How did the acquisition come about?

Under ABC’s ownership the CCRA call center will continue with the goal of providing the best 24/7 service and response times in the industry.  All of the support and benefits you receive from the call center and CCRA remain solidly in place for all of our partners. Similarly to CCRA, ABC is dedicated to building and maintaining long term mutually beneficial partnerships with clients.

What will change for CCRA’s call center?

Please stay tuned for additional announcements and information about how our new offerings may provide additional benefits to our valued clients. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and feedback!


Dic Marxen

President, CEO

Learn why 40 of the Top 100 Corporate travel agencies in the US trust their after-hours service coverage for their stranded travelers to CCRA

Let's start with the lowest reported hold times, as told to us by dozens of agencies familiar with CCRA and other vendors. Then add a unique staffing approach that employs only the most seasoned agents on a 4-days on, 4-days off schedule, so you've always got enough friendly, energetic and engaged agents ready to assist. Our agents are virtually located in 30 states and almost every major metropolitan area - so when weather is an issue, we aren't impacted.

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Inside the Call Center

With our state of the art technology and our innovative approach to staffing, we're ready to put our accumulated 47 years of expertise, as the oldest after-hours call center in the industry, to work for you.

Call Center Operations

Led by our VP of Operations, who has been with CCRA for 32 years, our Operations Managers, Lead Agents, Reservation Agents, VIP Agents, Ticketing Managers ,and Ticketing Agents do everything required to ensure your travelers are safe and happy.

Our Hold Times

We have the lowest hold times in the after-hours industry… period! Other vendors, with a smaller workforce and often no additional backups available on a busy weekend, may have your travelers on hold for extended lengths of time. Some have been known to offer discounted pricing for a while to counter dismal hold times. Others have bumped up hundreds, even thousands, of calls each month to the front of the answering queue for one or more of their largest accounts which puts your clients at a significant disadvantage. CCRA won’t put your clients at a disadvantage and has the technology and the manpower to service your travelers faster than anyone else in the after-hours industry … period!

Agent Training

Our Agent Training team ensures that all of our agents are fully versed on all of the relevant technology and systems, and most importantly, your agency’s procedures and your customers’ policies needed to service your clients. Our Training Team includes one training manager and three trainers.

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is made up of Customer Care Managers whose sole focus is to ensure that your requests and needs are being handled efficiently and with the level of service your agency and clients expect. Issues are typically resolved in an average of under 6.5 hours.

Account Management

The Account Management team ensures that you, and your agency’s staff, are well informed of CCRA’s performance, best practices in the after-hours industry, trends or compelling data and that you are taking advantage of every available service.

Our Agents

Our agents are the Elite. They average more than 12 years of experience, have deep GDS expertise, and are distributed all over the US. With 4 day on/4 day off shifts, our agents are well-rested and available to come in to help on days when call volumes double and triple. This means, no matter what, we've got the right agent with the right tools to meet your travelers' needs.

Our Technology

The technology & infrastructure that powers our call center is world-class in many ways. Power Management, HVAC, Fire Suppression, Seismic Engineering, Physical Security, Tier 1 Internet connectivity and Intelligent IP & IP MPLS network are just the beginning.

Years in Business
of the Top 100 Agencies use CCRA (and 32 CTDs)
Transactions Per Year
of all inbound and outbound calls are digitally recorded

Did We Mention This?

Here are a few more reasons why a partnership with us just makes sense. We offer all of the items below as part of your after-hours package.

Value Added Features

The Lowest Average Hold Times
100% Digital Voice Recordings
Superb Redundancy And Disaster Recovery Plans
A Dedicated Account Manager
Instant Recognition With Whisper And Pop-Up Technology
Real-time Online Reporting
Discounted Mid-Day Assist
Access To Negotiated Hotel Rates
No-Charge Service Fees
VIP Personal Touch Numbers
Personalized Toll-Free Numbers
Second Ticket Free
Airport Delay Advisory
Language Interpreter Service
Quarterly Eblast Updates
Online Hotel Directory
Flexible Phone System

Custom Services

VIP Desk
Expedited Call Service
Agency Queue Monitoring (AQM)
Custom Phone Greeting

If your traveler is on this cancelled flight while your agency is closed, one call to CCRA will happily resolve their transportation delay!

About Our Information Security

CCRA continues to invest in the latest technology to ensure confidential and sensitive information are both respected and protected. Our security policies cover network and computer systems, applications, operational processes and procedures and physical locations.

We follow the guiding principles recommended by the SANS Institute Information Security Research Center, which are as follows:

All users and entities are authenticated.
Principle of “least access” is appropriately applied.
Risk exposure is balanced with the cost of risk mitigation.
Security measures are proactively implemented.
We will promote information classification, awareness and governance.
We will use comprehensive architectural planning to ensure that all elements of the information security program are defined and planned.
We will carefully balance the business need to quickly offer new products and services against the security risks it might pose to our customers or damage to our company brand or reputation.
We will invest in information security at or above industry benchmarks for our business.
We will adopt security industry standards where appropriate.
We will evolve the practice of information security with our external and internal customers (Best practice sharing on standards, solutions architecture, technology, processes and policies)

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